Training: Week 3 Recap

Hello hello to everyone out there on this Sunday evening! I’ve got mixed emotions being able to finally post a training update after being M.I.A on these for several weeks now. Seeing as I missed a TGIF post a few days ago, this is the perfect opportunity to share something I learned through today’s training.Continue reading “Training: Week 3 Recap”

TGIF: Finding Inspiration

Hey guys, Hope y’all have had a great week! I’m sure some of you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant others. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time together. For me, it’s been a pretty boring day, other than my usual night of league bowling. Proud to say that my valentine for the past 25Continue reading “TGIF: Finding Inspiration”

TGIF: Dieting (And an Injury Update)

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters, It’s another late Friday night here in cold and snowy Dayton, OH. I wanted to hop on here and update y’all on my recovery progress. I also wanted to talk about some recent changes I’ve made and my advice to those seeking to make the same kinds of changes. First,Continue reading “TGIF: Dieting (And an Injury Update)”

TGIF: Dealing with Injuries

I’m back y’all! I’m sorry for the lack of anything on here. The past couple of weeks have been a little hectic between work and workouts. I wish I could talk about my recent workouts and my progress with training; however, I pushed too hard during one workout a couple of weeks ago and it’sContinue reading “TGIF: Dealing with Injuries”

TGIF: Setting and Accomplishing Milestones

Hey y’all! Back again on a late Friday night to start something new. Hopefully, I’ll be able to consistently do this and eventually incorporate videos into this. Every Friday, I’d like to pick a topic to talk about in relation to my journey. This week, it’s all about milestones. This topic instantly came to mindContinue reading “TGIF: Setting and Accomplishing Milestones”

Training: Weeks 1/2 Recap

Every Sunday, I utilize the local Metropark’s as my method for completing long distance runs. The routes make it easy to control the distance I want to run and provides challenging elevations to improve my incline resistance. I have 9 months to prepare for the Columbus Marathon. I’ll be relying on this weekly routine, 3-4Continue reading “Training: Weeks 1/2 Recap”

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